Devlog Week 2 - a little more about our project

So, this is a small idea about our gameplay:

Players will start in a open world where most of the adventures will happen. They will encounter stages as they enter a certain zone in the world, and the platformer section of the game begins.

In each stage, the players' main goal is to reach the other side. By crossing obstacles like a regular platformer, players must overcome the challenges from each stage and succeed in completing the stage. If there are multiple members in a party, only one member has to finish the stage.

Before the game begins, the player can choose one of these perks that could give an advantage to beat the game :

Toughness : Allows you to use shield (Add Stamina Points)

Precision  : Allows you to use ranged weapons (Add Stamina Points)

Knowledge : Allows you to use and learn magics (Add Mana Points)

Luck     : Enemies may drop more golds and can drop rare items

Adaptation : Learn more experience points when defeating enemies

Gives more challenging adventure by not accepting any perks

Besides these perks, there will be some game mechanics that needs to be learned by the players that will help them defeat the game.

Core Gameplay Mechanics


Players can run, jump, slide and vault through obstacles in the stage. With multiple players, team actions such as spring jump, throws, or even cliff grabs can be done as well.

Throughout the game, players can locate special orbs which can improve their actions in the stage, such as Double Jumps, or Wall Jumps.


There are a variety of obstacles in the game, which are walls, blocks, powerups, enemies, and mechanisms.

Walls act like real life walls - they cannot be clipped through, broken, or manipulated in any way.

Blocks can be broken through physical means. Each blocks have a strength meter which determines what kinds of forces can break it.

Powerups can be found on certain places in the field. They can provide helpful bonuses to the players, or act as traps for the enemies.

Enemies are hostile creatures which have a goal - to annoy the players or outright kill them. To overcome this, players are supplied with weapons for suppressing the enemies. They cannot be killed however, and instead get knocked down temporarily once their health (or stamina in this case) drops to zero.

Mechanisms are special tools which dynamically change the layout of the field. These include levers of a bridge, hidden rooms, or teleporters.

Outside the stage

When not inside a stage, players can move as if they are playing on a stage. Some obstacles also exist outside of stages, which mainly consists of mechanisms leading to secrets, or breakable blocks.

The game provides checkpoints in the form of train stations (which may or may not lead into a nearby tavern). These stations allow the main player to hire a maximum of 3 other party members (planned feature), it also allows for fast travel and saving the game.

Playing with a party

The camera will always follow the main player (now referred to as the party leader). In this case, only 1 member is needed to reach the goal, be it the party leader, or the other members (if the leader crossed the goal, everyone receives a Leader Finish bonus)

Support actions can also be done with party members. This allows the whole party to gain access to previously inaccessible parts of the stage, which might lead to secrets, shortcuts, or even more danger.


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Oct 01, 2017

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