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The Irregular Life of Chiba


"Chiba no Fusei Seikatsu"

You become Chiba Itsuki, a regular civilian that just died because of an unknown shock. You meet a mysterious girl who is the "Goddess" who decide the fate of those who have died on below world. You were given 2 choices, surrender your life and live in the void, or stuck in fantasy world and fight for a chance to live once more by defeating the "Demon King"

Of course instead of living in the void, you choose to defeat this "Demon King" and save yourself. The goddess praise you for your bravery and for that, she allows you to choose one of these five perks that helps you on your adventure, which is:

1. Toughness: Allows you to use shield (Add Stamina Points)

2. Precision: Allows you to use ranged weapons (Add Stamina Points)

3. Knowledge: Allows you to use and learn magics (Add Mana Points)

4. Luck: Enemies may drop more golds and can drop rare items

5. Adaptation: Learn more experience points when defeating enemies

6. Gives more challenging adventure by not accepting any perks

After choosing one of those perks(or none), you are now ready to see the fantasy world and defeat the "Demon King" to save yourself. 


The Irregular Of Chiba GDD.docx 120 kB
Fuseikatsu no Chiba.zip 12 MB
Chiba Itsuki.sai 180 kB

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